Monday, April 25, 2016

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tough crowd

I decided to do a giveaway, through Rafflecopter, just testing the waters, trying to decide if they're a fit, because there are several others out there...and I'm realizing it's a tough audience out there. Just giving away a copy of my ebook isn't tempting many to bite and try their luck. Hmm, maybe I'll do a gift card, too, next time. Or maybe I just need to write more books and get my name out there. It's definitely a learning experience. Any other authors with more experience got any tips for me?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

So far I'm blowing my New Year's resolutions

I'm a procrastinator...and I fall in love with new ideas...and I adore Facebook games and my friends' posts...and I babysit my grandson..and I'm chief cook and bottle washer and the house chauffeur. Sooo...I made a resolution to write more-even if it was on several different stories- and that I'd stay off Facebook until I'd written for a few hours. Except...I am the cook, and dishwasher, and chauffeur, and babysitter. I get up and feed my munchkin, and change him, and eat and straighten the kitchen - and it's time to go pick up my daughter and my boyfriend. Then we get home and it's time to start dinner...and then the tele comes on (ever tried writing with the tv blasting?), and the kitchen needs work, or it's bath time or cuddle time. So I end up writing late at night, if at all, because by then I'm tired... and then I get mad at myself...and I get I make even more promises to write. It's really difficult, when you're a stay at home grandma/cook/maid and everyone is saying how it must be nice because I must have sooo much free time to write. Cough cough cough yeah, okay, not. But if I sound like I'm complaining, I'm really not...much. It is nice to be needed.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Now available! Check it out on Kindle!

Now available on Amazon, and free on Kindle Unlimited. It’s a fairy tale for grownups, a must read for lovers of erotica, 18+ due to adult language and situations. A stand alone novelette but not a HEA. Reviews welcome. Free mobi offered in exchange for honest review.

How do you choose between three perfect men? This is Goldie's dilemma, after a hike on a beautiful Oregon mountain end up with her racing through the trees, terrified, and with no idea of who she is. Stumbling across a lonely log cabin, she gets more than she bargained for, when she discovers it's owned by three breathtakingly handsome were-bear brothers who are more than happy to take care of her every need for as long as she will let them. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Now Available!

!!!It's now live in the Kindle store and free on kindle unlimited!!! US link - . UK - FR - CA - AU -  A must read novelette for lovers of erotic fiction! Reviews welcome. Free mobi, epub or PDF in exchange for honest review on Amazon! 18+ due to strong language and adult content. Message me with email address if interested.
   Around here, Bobby's house is the place to be. Not even wild frat parties tempt us away. We claim it's for the free booze, the free food, the video games and that big ass television in the family room. Yeah, that's what we claim, but it's only part of why we love Bobby's. The main reason? Bobby's mom. That long blond hair, those big boobs, that heart shaped ass, and those luscious legs that just keep going and going...mmm, everybody loves Pam. She's the MILF everyone wants a shot at.
It's nearly Christmas, and for the holidays, Pam goes to the Bahamas--to her mansion on the beach. This year, I've been invited. This year, it might be my turn to get lucky. Hi, I'm Micheal. Welcome to my story.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Coming soon!!

Soon to be live on Amazon Kindle. A must read novelette for lovers of erotic fiction!
 Early reviewers welcome. Free mobi, epub or PDF in exchange for honest review on Amazon! 
18+ due to strong language and adult content. Message me with email address if interested.
   Around here, Bobby's house is the place to be. Not even wild frat parties tempt us away. 
We claim it's for the free booze, the free food, the video games and that big ass television in the 
family room. Yeah, that's what we claim, but it's only part of why we love Bobby's. The main 
reason? Bobby's mom. That long blond hair, those big boobs, that heart shaped ass, and those
luscious legs that just keep going and going...mmm, everybody loves Pam. She's the MILF 
everyone wants a shot at.
It's nearly Christmas, and for the holidays, Pam goes to the Bahamas--to her mansion on the beach. 
This year, I've been invited. This year, it might be my turn to get lucky. Hi, I'm Micheal. Welcome 
to my story.